Pickleball Incubator (PI) is a nonprofit corporation. PI's mission is to provide curriculum, equipment and teacher training to promote the lifelong benefit of pickleball to schools and universities nationwide. The creation of PI is a direct response to school budget shortfalls.

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Amy's Story

I am Amy Granoff Rohald, CEO of Pickleball Incubator, a teacher, advisor and pickleball player. I started playing pickleball when I moved to Arizona in 2015. I loved and was intrigued by the game as it was fast paced, competitive, challenging, but most of all social. I started working for Pure Pickleball, Inc. a Utah based company, as the National Education Coordinator. I found it difficult to bring pickleball into schools as there was no money in their budgets for new sports.

Schools face a continual tide of monetary and budgeting shortfalls which complicate a complete education. Often, Physical Education is one of the first casualties in the process. At the same time, studies continue to show the importance of physical education for learning, socialization and development for students of all ages.

Pickleball Incubator was created so that the financial restraints would no longer play a role. I fervently believe that pickleball should be played in every school, in every grade K-12 as well as the higher education institutions.

In Schools Today

Contrary to popular opinion, pickleball transcends generations. I have seen how introducing the sport as early as kindergarten inspires and motivates children to play, socialize, and interact in the most amazing ways. Because pickleball is a lifelong sport and the art of hand eye coordination is universal, pickleball is the perfect vehicle for advancing SHAPE America’s objectives for fitness.

As stated in a St. George Superintendent's letter, pickleball has been successfully integrated into the schools, as well as the fabric of the community. On a personal note, the founders of PI have come together because of our shared passion, love of the game and absolute belief in the intrinsic value of pickleball.


"The amazing folks from Pickleball Incubator and Pure Pickleball came to work with our students at both Mesa High School and Mountain View High School in Mesa, AZ. The students in our Unified Physical Education classes had the opportunity to learn some new skills, make some new friends and most importantly play Pickleball! Every Student, no matter their ability level was able to participate, stay engaged and have a great time! The people from Pickleball Incubator and Pure Pickleball were amazing! They were patient with our students, enthusiastic and have an obvious passion about the sport of Pickleball. A FANTASTIC time was had by all!"

  - Mesa School Coordinator

Thank you so very much for attending the PI fundraiser at the JW Marriott at Desert Ridge. We donated the equipment, lesson plans, curriculum and professional development to the Barry Goldwater High School.

Here are a few quotes from the thank you notes that we received from the students and teacher:

  • "Thank you for treating us like young adults. You guys made me realize that pickleball is a fun and easy way to get or stay active. Thank you for taking your time and showing us students how to play pickleball properly."
  • "We appreciate the money, time and effort you put to come to our school and teach us all the things to know about pickleball. I liked how you individually helped us at our groups because it made me more confident in what I was doing instead of just trying to figure it out."
  • "It was very generous of you to donate the equipment to our school so that we can learn a new, fun, exciting sport. Most of all, thank you for believing in me even when I could barely get the ball over the net."
  • "While playing I had a lot of fun and enjoyed the game even though I don't enjoy most sports."
  • "I liked the little exercises we did before playing the games. All of the training with all of the coaches was an experience I will never forget."
  • "(Coach Burke, teacher) All the students were involved as the skills taught challenged athletes and non athletes alike. After your visit, several students were teaching the skills and games to others - including some students from our adaptive PE class. The generous donation has allowed the PE department to incorporate this fun and easy game into our curriculum."

We are so grateful for your support, your smiles and your generosity! Thank you again.

What We Do

PI is committed to putting pickleball into schools. We will be hosting local pickleball fundraisers to raise money and awareness. Local pickleball players will be invited to participate in the fun and worthwhile events. Some of our events will include skill-focused sessions, clinics, pickleball carnivals, and play with a pro days. The foundation collects donations from local communities and enthusiasts to bring the pickleball experience to schools.

The money raised will go to a school or district that will most benefit from the addition of pickleball into their PE curriculum. The schools will be chosen with the guidance of the local ShapeAmerica's executive board. The schools will receive everything they need for immediate implementation, including all of the equipment, curriculum, lesson plans, and a professional development day.

Contact Us

We would love to hear from you!

Call us at 602.601.2922

Email us at dev.team@pickleballincubator.org


Pickleball Incubator’s work is made possible by individuals who donate in support of our mission. Your support provides schools with everything they need to implement pickleball into their Physical Education Curriculum. Schools will receive the equipment needed, teachers will receive lesson plans and teacher training, the students will be able to play pickleball.

Pickleball Incubator (PI) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Tax ID: 82-5313670.

Have any questions? Feel free to call us at 602-601-2922 or email us dev.team@pickleballincubator.org


A recurring donation is a sustainable investment to ensure that pickleball reaches every student. Create a monthly donation that works for your budget and makes a meaningful contribution.


If you would like to make a gift to Pickleball Incubator in honor or in memory of someone in your life, you can donate here and then please follow up with an email to dev.team@pickleballincubator.org to notify us of your gift. In the email please include the contact information and mailing address of the family or honoree so that the appropriate contacts can receive a mailed acknowledgment from us.


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We don't currently have any events planned. We will post here as soon as the next one is scheduled!


Marriott Fundraiser

We are so very thankful to be part of such a fun, generous group of Pickleball players. We had over 100 players join us last Saturday at our fundraiser at the Marriott at desert ridge. We also had 10 teacher and staff member participants from the Barry Goldwater High School. Thank you for your support, your smiles and your donations. The students and teachers from the Barry Goldwater High School are grateful as well!

Inaugural Event

Curtis and Meg Ekmark generously hosted our first inaugural fundraiser. It was capped at 16 players so that everyone would have a chance to play. Thank you to our generous donors.


Pickleball Incubator (PI) is a nonprofit organization with the mission of putting Pickleball into schools nationwide. Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the United States. We want to provide schools with equipment, curriculum and professional development. Help us spread the benefits of this fun, fast, and social sport. We want our family and community to grow with us.

In order to take out a tax deduction for your donation, please check the box in the Paypal form providing us with your mailing address so that we can acknowledge your donation.